Yapoos - ヤプーズ計画

Second album by Jun Togawa's strange post-punk band, Yapoos, from 1987. Reissued on CD in 1995.

Yapoos - ヤプーズ計画


Jun Togawa & Yapoos - 裏玉姫

"Live Recorded At Laforet Museum On 19.February.1984 "

Originally a tape released on Yen Records in 1984, this is the CD reissue released in 1994 on Alfa.



Jun Togawa - Togawa Legend: Self Select Best & Rare 1979-2008

Pretty comprehensive review of Jun Togawa's work: "solo", Guernica, Yapoos, Jun Togawa Unit and more ...

Triple CD set released on GT Music in 2008.

Self Select Best & Rare 1979-2008


Matthew 16:23

Get thee 11 points behind me Satan!

Enjoy your trip home!


Guernica - 新世紀への運河

Their second album, from 1988. Theatrical weirdness by the unique Jun Togawa.

Guernica - 新世紀への運河


Guernica - 電離層からの眼差し

More frankly strange baroque 20's-styled opera from Koji Ueno and Jun Togawa.

CD released on Teichiku Records in 1989.

Guernica - Denrisou Kara no Manazashi


Guernica - 改造への躍動

Debut album by Jun Togawa's post-Yapoos band, Guernica. Their music was a nervy combination of synth-pop and Broadway show tunes... Sparks meets Yello meets Jacques Brel. Released in 1982 by Yen Records, then reissued on CD in 2006 with two extra tracks.

Guernica - 改造への躍動


Saboten - 目覚める

This appears to be the second full-length release ...

CD released on Sabot Records in 1992.



Saboten - いつもある

The aforementioned single ...

7" released on Sabot Records in 1984.

Itsumo Aru


Saboten - Floor et Satie

Definitely not to be confused with The Saboten! This is the all-female dream-pop post-punk band with a penchant for vaguely Beefheartian time signatures and French composers. The first disc is their first self-titled LP (released in 1982) with Masae Fuma and Satomi Makino on guitar and vocals, Izumi Imazawa on bass and keyboards and Atsuko Sakai on drums. It also has a major Totsuzen Danball influence ... Shunji Tsutaki adds additional guitar whilst his brother Eiichi Tsutaki handles production. The third side is "Let's Satie" (originally released in 1992) featuring cover versions of some of the works of Erik Satie (!). The final side culls two tracks from the Itsumo Aru 7", one from the Non Position compilation and two pulled from their second release 目覚める (Mezameru). I really like it.

Double LP released on EM Records in 2013.

Floor et Satie


Totsuzen Danball - 成り立つかな?

Shunji Tsutaki and Eiichi Tsutaki producing endlessly pleasing post-punk with the occasional bossa nova twist.

Originally released as an LP on Pass Records in 1981, this is the remastered CD release (that isn't on Discogs) with six unreleased tracks that came out on Pass No Past in 2005.

Can I?


Totsuzen Danball - ホワイト・マン / 変なパーマネント

If you didn't know any different, you'd think that this had been released on Calvin Johnson's K. That's a compliment btw.

7" released on Pass Records in 1980.

White Man


Gunjogacrayon - Gunjogacrayon

Gunjogacrayon exist in their own world where reference points don't exist. If I'm really going to have to try to make you listen to them, how about The Velvet Underground channeling The Mothers Of Invention's "Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme" via Roger Waters' "Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict"? Well, you made me do it ... it's your fault.

As far as I am aware, Gunjogacrayon's own releases were always self-titled. There is one on Discogs listed as Gunjogacrayon III. I've never heard it and never even seen it for sale. If anybody out there could help solve that predicament?

Originally released as an LP on DIW in 1986, this is the CD reissue on Wax Records in 1991.



Gunjogacrayon & Totsuzen Danball - Pass Live

This was included in the Pass No Past CD compilation ... but why not have a rip of the early vinyl as well?

Double 7" released on Pass Records in 1980.

Pass Live


Gunjogacrayon - Gunjogacrayon

No saxophone on here, but Fumio Omori adds his twisted electronics to add to the disorientation. Literally warped and joyous. Splendid and peerless!

Originally a 12" released on Pass Records in 1980, this is the CD reissued on P-Vine Records in 2005 with three additional live tracks.



Gunjogacrayon - Gunjogacrayon

Tadashi Kumihara on guitar, Takashi Maeda on bass and Atsushi Miyakawa (who was also in Mr. Kite and Saboten) on drums. On this release, Takayuki Hashimoto adds free improv saxophone scree to the gently broiling guitar noise. Exceptional.

CD released on Pass Records in 2016.



Sadie Sads - Angora

The first Sadie Sads release ... as far as I am aware, they only recorded what I've posted here (bar what is on compilations). Kazumi Peropero briefly played bass with G-Schmitt and Yoshihide Igarashi played guitar with Nubile ... other than this, Sadie Sads appear to have drifted into historical oblivian. Just to prove that history isn't fair.

7" released on Wechselbalg Syndicate in 1984.



Sadie Sads - Angora D.

12" released on Wechselbalg Syndicate in 1985.

Angora D.


Sadie Sads - Box With Little Doll

... and this is the vinyl version.

Double 12" set released on Wechselbalg Syndicate in 1985.

Box With Little Doll


Sadie Sads - Box With Little Doll

Imagine Crash Worship with Mick Karn as the wobbly bassist. Now listen. Great isn't it!

CD released on Wechselbalg Syndicate in 1988 with different sequencing (and four unreleased tracks) than the vinyl version.

Box With Little Doll


P-Model - Ashu-On (Sound Subspecies) In The Solar System

P-Model were a very influential post-punk /"New Wave" band that were active between 1979 and 1986. They appeared to have disappeared before reinventing themselves in 1992 with a much more heavily inflected electronic sound. Not as surprising as you might think given that the "punk" years were hugely influenced by the likes of Devo and Sparks, which naturally is a great thing indeed.

I was going to post some ... but, what the hell ... why not everything?

Mammoth sixteen CD set released on Chaos Union in 2002.






and 16


Inryo-fuen - 品品

Jun Harada, Masamichi Oyama and Naoyuki Masuda defining the unclassifiable.

7" released on Cragale in 1982.

Shina Shina


Inryo-fuen - 抱握

This was their second album, recorded in 1985 but never released at the time. Cathedral keyboards that gradually inherit an AFX glitch before everything begins to turn inside out.

CD released on EM Records in 2014.



Inryo-fuen - Early Works 1980-82

The first track is 妥協せず (aka Dakyo Sezu that was released as a single sided flexi in 1980) and it is truly magnificent. It's well worth the price of admission alone ... but given that you're not paying ... ah well, you know what I mean. From there, it just keeps on becoming more joyously dislocated.

Released on EM Records in 2014, this is the CD version that contains two additional tracks.

Early Works 1980-82


Inu - 牛若丸なめとったらどついたるぞ!

Naoto Hayashi was the guitarist with Inu (and Auschwitz and The Genbaku Onanies and various incarnations of Hijokaidan). In 1984, he co-founded the mighty Alchemy records with Jojo Hiroshige. They chose this as their third release and it offers up Inu in a live context. Given that one of the first things that they did was release this and reference it as "The Original Inu" suggests that the band weren't particularly happy with the rather polished production of the studio recordings. I am, of course, speculating. I really like the first album, but I prefer this ... a feckin' great band!

LP originally released on Alchemy Records in 1984 and reissued the following year with a single-sided flexi included for good measure. This is the latter.

Ushiwakamaru Nametottara Dotsuitaru Zo


Inu - メシ食うな!

Really really good early punk band who have proper songs and everything. As far as I know, this is the only studio recording they made.

Originally released as an LP on Japan Record in 1981, this is the CD reissue on Wax Records from 1998.



3/3 - Sanbun no San: Early Sound Archives of Pre-Friction 1973-1978 2xcd [p-vine, 2007]

The precursor to Friction that included Reck, Chiko Hige and Higo Hiroshi (who was also in Friction, Chance Operation, Mirrors and The Stalin). This includes the original (probably only) LP that was released in 1975 with a second disc of live recordings from 1975-1977.

Double CD released on P-Vine Records in 2007.

Sanbun no San


Friction - Maniacs

Founded by Reck (aka Kawashima Akiyoshi who was also in ◯△▢ and Teenage Jesus And The Jerks) and Chiko Hige (who was in ◯△▢, Chance Operation and The Contortions), Friction were one of the first Japanese punk bands. This provides an excellent overview, with one disc of studio output and one set of live recordings.

Double CD jointly released on Pass Records and P-Vine Records in 2007.



Various - Taste Of Wild West 2

An anonymous and magnificent human being has just answered the call and sent me this. My day is made and the world has just become a brighter place!

Folk Tales is the fuzzed out psych-rock of Masahiko Ohno (who is one half of Solmania) and Shinji Uemoto, the always excellent Hanadensha, the bluesy Mannish Tone, the sublime Subvert Blaze with "Elegy (Of Turkey City)" (that is on the double CD collection that I posted ages ago) and the hardrockpsych of Auschwitz.

Originally released in 1990, this is the CD reissue on Wax Records in 1998.

Taste Of Wild West 2


Various - 東京 Rockers

Friction, Mr. Kite, Lizard!, Mirrors and S-Ken recorded live at Shinjuku Loft on March the 11th, 1979.

Originally an LP released in 1979, this is the more than welcome CD reissue from Pass Records in 2001

Tokyo Rockers


Various - City Rockers

From the hardcore punk of Gauze, the harmless postpunkpop of Isolation, the smart surf-jerk of Radical to the sinister dubbed up Pop Group/Ruts stylings and charming melancholia of the brilliant Nursery Rhyme. It seems that the latter only appear here ... a crying shame. I could listen to them a lot!

LP released on City Rocker Records in 1982.

City Rockers


Various - Nagasaki Nightrider

Most often, the "unofficial" releases don't contribute too much to the wealth of the human race. But then you get something like this. A brilliant compilation of Japanese hardcore / punk that doesn't disappoint from start to finish (well, it doesn't disappoint me). Quite brilliant.

No label vinyl release from 1998.

Nagasaki Nightrider


Various - Outsider

The Crass inspired sleeve will tell you that we are firmly into Anarcho branded territory. Seminal recording featuring G.I.S.M., The Comes, Laughin' Nose, Gauze, Masterbation, Fullx, Madame Edwarda and some incongruous pub rock from Route 66.

LP released on City Rocker Records in 1983.



Various - Great Punk Hits

When you started getting into the early 80s, there was this weird confluence of metal (sorry ... METAL!) and punk (with or without a slice of post-punk). At one point, everybody was firmly divided into their own camps and then it all started to merge. This LP is a great representation of the melting pot ...

G.I.S.M., The Execute, Aburadako, Laughin' Nose, The Clay and G-Zet.

LP released on Japan Record in 1983.

Great Punk Hits


Various - Burst! New Wave 1980 - 爆裂!ニュー・ウェイヴ 1980

Compilation containing quite a few that have been in recent posts and (as always) some even more obscure outfits who will be new to you. And then there is Cosmic Invention who have to be seen to be believed ... hearing them is a whole heap of holy what the fuck ... a real Teletubbies meets Vengaboys monstrosity ... but I'm starting to like it. You have been warned!

Double CD released on Victor in 2006.

Burst! New Wave 1980


Various - Pass No Past - EPs & Singles

I thought that posting this would be a great idea. Well, it is a great idea. It's just that I've realised that Mrs Inside beat me to it by three years and nine months ... and she articulates it better than I would have done:

"This two-disc set collects post-punk & industrial EPs and singles released by Tokyo's Pass Records in that magic interval between 1978 and 1980. Some of the artists included here went on to achieve some notoriety: Friction's lead singer, Reck (formerly of Stooges-esque punk band 3.3), moved to New York City just in time to join the final incarnation of Teenage Jesus & the Jerks. Members of Can backed Phew (who previously led the punk band Aunt Sally) on her first solo album, and she's had an interesting career that continues today. Totsuzen Danball made records with Fred Frith and Lol Coxhill, and I believe are still active. The rest, though, are gloriously obscure and equally worthy no-wave exponents. I enjoy the miserable disco grind of Tsunematsu Masatoshi ("grinning grinning grinning in your face!!"and the jittery DNA-ish blurt left behind by Gunjogacrayon. The lone 7" by Rough Trade-ish Boys Boys (reminds me of Bow Wow Wow or X-Ray Spex, sort of) is fun, too."

So here it is again ... a double CD jointly released on P-Vine Records and Pass Records in 2005.

Pass No Past


Various - Rebel Street

A little belter that includes E.D.P.S., Chance Operation, Non Band, P-Model, Totsuzen Danball, Daisuck & Prostitute and more ...

LP released on Japan Record in 1982.

Rebel Street


Various - 東京ニューウエイヴ '79 [Tokyo New Wave '79]

Here's a couple of tracks by the aforementioned Pain alongside Bolshie, Sex, Jisatsu and 8 1/2.

LP released on Pass Records in 1979.

Tokyo New Wave '79


Various - Gozira Special Dinner

Originally, this was an LP released courtesy of Gozira Records and Telegraph Records in 1983 showcasing Mirrors, Mr. Kite, Tsunematsu Masatoshi, Flesh, and Maria 023. This is a later reissue that also gives you live tracks from the same people. There was a track by Pain that appears on the original LP (and the cover here) but not on this release ... no idea why.

Double CD released on Disk Union in 2010.



Various - Alchemism

Hijokaidan, Hanatarash, Ultra Bide and High Rise nestling in with a raft of punks such as Inu, SS and Sekiri.

CD released on Wechselbalg Syndicate and Alchemy Records in 1988.



Various - Alchemism2

Cracking compilation only improved by the fact that it contains previously unreleased tracks by UFO Or Die, Omoide Hatoba, Mannish Tone, Sekiri, S.O.B.Kaidan, Hijokaidan and Incapacitants.

CD released on Wechselbalg Syndicate and Alchemy Records in 1989.



Various - Revenge Of Wechselbalg

... which includes a whole heap of people from the compilations posted over the past week or so ...

CD released on Wechselbalg Syndicate in 1987.

Revenge Of Wechselbalg


Various - 時の葬列 [Selections From Excommunicated Monument]

Auto-Mod, Sadie Sads, Madame Edwarda and G-Schmitt on a compilation LP released on SMS Records in 1984.



Various - Bloody Valentine : 14.2.'85

Nubile, Sadie Sads, Auto-Mod, Sodom and G-Schmitt.

LP released in 1985 on Wechselbalg Syndicate (an unlikely sounding sub-label of Telegraph Records).

Bloody Valentine


Various - Case Of Telegraph Product 1

Chance Operation, Boy Ball, So-Do, Chiko Hige, Katra Turana, Pablo Picasso, Pineapple 4.9, Concretes and Kujira.

LP released on Telegraph Records in 1983.

Telegraph Product 1


Various - Case Of Telegraph Product 2

Early vinyl showcase of Telegraph Records artists: EP-4, Junk Jungle Genre, Be-2, Sukisuki Switch, Para-Phrase, Allergy, Lezz-Lezz-Mass and Auto-Mod.

LP released on (erm) Telegraph Records in 1983.

Telegraph Product 2


Various - Telegraph Works 1980-1985

Excellent survey of the early 80s Japanese post-punk climate: Non Band, Pablo Picasso, Suki Suki Switch, Katra Turana alongside some lesser known outfits such as Concretes, Bananarians, E.D.P.S. and Noizunzuri.

CD released on Wax Records in 1990.

Telegraph Works 1980-1985


Various - Welcome To Dreamland: Another Japan

A whole raft of post-punk, "new wave" and fucked up skronk funk from Fake, Saboten, Luna Park Ensemble, Akira Iijima & Seiji Murayama, Katra Turana, Sodaneva, The Honeymoons, Mizutama Shobodan (aka The Polka Dot Fire Brigade), After Dinner, Kenichi Takeda, Keiji Haino, A-Musik, Chie Mukai and Ché-SHIZU.

CD released on Celluloid in 1985.

Welcome To Dreamland


Various - Bar Noise (Full Volume Live Vol. 1)

Compilation of artists performing at the legendary Noise Bar in Osaka. Whilst one or two released other material, the majority of the material is murky "get up and do it" improvised chaos. Oh yeah, and there's twelve minutes of Katsumi Sugahara and Masahiko Ohno's Solmania project.

CD released on Japan Overseas in 1996.

Bar Noise