Ascites - Incisional Drainage

Doomed synth opens the way to the deeply unsettling noise that lies beneath ...

CDr and C6 that was for sale during their 2009 US tour.

Incisional Drainage


Ascites - Fluid Excess

Texan noise that doesn't hang around before it starts kicking you around the room.

C30 released on Fonofobi Tapes in 2009.

Fluid Excess


Cranioclast ‎– Iconclastar (Blue)

Final album by Cranioclast, released by Dom America in 1993.

Cranioclast ‎– Iconclastar (Blue)


Cranioclast ‎– Iconclastar (Green) Icons No I-VI

Cranioclast's final work, as far as I can tell, was a two-part album of "Icons" spread across two CDs. This first part came out on Maxima Musica Magnetica in 1992.


Cranioclast - Lost in Karak & Somnii Palus

More heavy fog from the mysterious Cranioclast, a 1992 CD reissue of thier 1988 LP in a box with lots of art inserts and some extra audio gloop tacked onto the end.

Cranioclast - Lost in Karak & Somnii Palus


Crainioclast - Koitlaransk & Ration Skalk

A CD that compiles the mysterious German duo's anagramatic first two full-length albums. "Ration Skalk" was self-released as a cassette in 1985, then reissued in the same format by CoC in 1989. "Koilaransk" first appeared on LP released by Principe Logique in 1985, then reissued by CoC in 1989. While the CD, released by the Maxima Musica Magnetica label in Italy in 1994, necessarily dispenses with the elaborate visual art inserts that accompanied the originals, it does present the music with digital clarity. Even if the art is obscure, at least you can make out the inscrutible details.

Crainioclast - Koitlaransk & Ration Skalk


Reynols / Tomasin - Ormis Votas

When not fronting the Argentinian band Reynols, Miguel Tomasin has amassed a quiet cult following of his own centered on his discursive vocal style and the rambling musical accompaniment of his bandmates. Perhaps not the most sought after, but one of the rarer releases of his (I think it was limited to 25 but don't quote me) is this bit that functions as a split with the band, equal parts drum-fueled monologue and freak-out jam. If anyone out there in the "cyber" has the 10" on Freedom From now would be as good a time as any to share!

A 3" CDr released on Gameboy in 2001.



BizarreϟϟMania - What's Your Pleasure, Sir?

Genius collaboration between Pasi Markkula, Keith Brewer and Pekka PT (aka Gelsomina and Sick Seed). Enough said.

Ridiculously good LP jointly released on Freak Animal Records and Filth And Violence in 2010.

What's Your Pleasure, Sir?


Mania / Bizarre Uproar - Charnel Heap

Keith Brewer and Pasi Markkula on a double C30 released on Corrosive Art Records in 2010 and reissued by Pasi on his Filth And Violence label in the same year.

Charnel Heap


Mania - Miserable Disposition

It's Keith Brewer (the gentleman formally known as Taint) on a C44 released on Dan Johansson's Harsh Head Rituals in 2005. Boom!

Miserable Disposition


Vomir / Napalm Noise - Split

Vomir is a favorite of this blog and needs no introduction. Napalm Noise is a mysterious outfit I must confess to knowing little about. Most releases are split like this one and appear on the Underground Pollution label. This track veers off the pure noise course and into some heavily distorted beats. A fine outing with some duly apocalyptic artwork...

A CDr released on Maisonbruit in 2006.

Get it!


Streetmeat - Show Me Your Work

Oxyacetylene noise from the flame throwing hands of Robert Newsome. Noise done Houston, Texas style.

C60 and business card CDr (the latter is a brief collaboration with Richard Ramirez) released on the delicious Fusty Cunt in 2011.

Show Me Your Work


Slaughter-Fetus - Destruction Of Private Property Under Influence Of Methamphetamine

On this recording Slaughter-Fetus are Bast (aka Vanessa Gates) and Vargrwulf (aka Joseph Gates). Given the choice of alter egos, this should signal that you are about to go head first into a wall of noise.

C44 released on Violent Revolution International in 2010.

Destruction ...


R.S.P. - Ultimate Fucking


Lovely lovely filth from Reptilian Sexual Predator released as a C42 on Human Ignorance in 2010.

Ultimate Fucking


Perverts In White Shirts - Power To The Sheeple

I've been on the mailing list of Dave Phillips for ages. This morning, the latest missive was waiting for me and it contained a link to this. I immediately thought "what is there not to love?". A great band name, a great album title and a cover that riffs on Swans' "Public Castration Is A Good Idea" double LP.

Then I heard the music ... lysergic and hauntingly twisted anti-club hymns that delight and disturb at the same time. It's truly stunning and is easily the best thing that I have heard this year.

PIWS are Dave Phillips and Nathalie Dreier. Next year, this will be released on vinyl by Cruel Bones and on tape by Black Horizons so keep an eye out for those! However, yesterday, dp also put this up on bandcamp as a "name your price" download so you can go and get it now.

I definitely recommend that you do!


Family Battle Snake - Vomit Dolls

Homesick subterranean drone from Bill Kouligas released as a 3" CDr on George Proctor's Turgid Animal in 2006.

Vomit Dolls


Family Battle Snake - Optimistic Suburbia

Glistening noise drone released as a CDr on the ever tasty Chocolate Monk in 2008.

Optimistic Suburbia


Family Battle Snake - Searching For Venus

Time for a bit of respite from this wall of din. The ever unpredictable Family Battle Snake deliver 2 tracks of moody drones, excellent for late night contemplation of this wretched hellscape we call contemporary reality.

A CDr released on Meatus in 2007.

peace out


Lysergic Scum - Battle Dose

More drawn out and spaced out improvised noise from Darren Wyngarde and Phil Todd released as a CDr on Darren's Voltagestress*r in 2005.

Battle Dose


Lysergic Scum - PCP Atrocities

More Filthy Turd Navigations. Off the cuff spontaneous carnage recorded just for us!

3" CDr released on the mighty Phil Todd's Memoirs Of An Aesthete in 2005.

PCP Atrocities